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Will our bags be automatically put on the next flight?

You will need to confirm whether you can check your baggage in at your departure airport and collect it at your final destination.

This should be possible as long as the airlines you are flying with have an agreement to handle and transfer baggage between their respective flights.

This is very important as it will also dictate to what extent the airline will assist you in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

To confirm the airline's policy you will need to ask the originating airline at your departure airport if your baggage can be checked through to your final destination and will they transfer your baggage to the next, or other, airlines on your itinerary.

If they will, you will not have to collect your baggage until you arrive at your destination.

If the airline says no, you will have to claim your baggage from the originating airline at your transit point and re-check it with the next airline.

Please note: If you need to make changes en-route due to cancellations or delays, you will need to take your ticket to the originating airline for assistance.

Full details of each carrier's baggage policy and any applicable fees can be found when making your reservation by clicking onĀ checked baggage or airline fees.