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What name details are required on a flight booking?

The name on your flight booking must match the name on your government-issued photo ID / passport. It must be exactly as per your passport. Please do not use an alias, nickname or abbreviation as this can result in you being denied boarding by the airline.

Flight bookings (tickets) cannot be transferred to another traveller as per airline fare rules; so, name changes generally are not permitted.

  • However if they are permitted it is worth noting that each airline has different rules, fees and penalties relating to name mistakes. Correcting the name mistake on your flight booking may incur:
    • airline change fees,
    • require payment of any difference in fare (possibly a new fare) and
    • proof of the change (ie maiden name to married name)
  • It may take up to 72 hours for a name correction to be completed.

For changes to bookings on low-cost airlines contact the airline directly.

NOTE: Middle Name:

  • Some airlines require middle names to appear on their itineraries and some don't.
  • We work with the airlines to make sure we facilitate their requirements.
  • If you entered your details correctly when you made your booking, the information displayed on your itinerary for this airline and route should be correct.

If you have any concerns please call Customer Service to discuss and action as required, we are available to assist you by calling:

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