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How do I book a flight for a minor?

You must nominate any children even if they are below 2 years of age when booking flights / packages on If you are traveling round-trip and your child is turning 2 years old during your trip, he/she will need a ticketed seat for the flight segment that is on or after his/her birthday.

Minor Age Categories:

  • Youth (Ages 12-17)
    • will display a youth fare or an adult fare, whichever is lowest.
  • Child (Ages: 2-11)
    • will display a child fare or an adult fare, whichever is lowest.
  • Infant (Ages 2 and under)
    • Note: The number of infants travelling may not exceed the number of accompanying adults or seniors.

At time of check-in:

  • You may need proof of guardianship, such as a birth certificate with your name on it, or any official document that lists you as the legal guardian of the child.
  • For flights within Australia, you might need to provide a picture ID for your child.
  • For international flights, you must provide a valid passport for children of all ages

At least one adult or senior must accompany all minors in order to book on

We are unable to facilitate reservations for children 17 years and under whom are travelling alone. We recommend you contact one of our in-store travel agents whom can liaise with the airline directly to discuss their policy and arrange for travel for unaccompanied minors; you may be charged extra for this service.