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What does denied boarding mean?

These are a few reasons when you may be denied boarding on your flight:

Checking in too close to the departure time:

  • Most airlines have mandated that you must check in (domestic) 60-90 minutes prior to the departure of the flight. For International flights, check in may be 2 hours+ prior to the departure time. If you have checked in too close to the departure time, the airline reserves the right to deny you boarding for that flight. No compensation is offered if you check-in or arrive at the airport too late, but the airlines usually allow standby on their next flight or the option to make a change for a fee.

Overbooking or "Bumping" off a flight:

  • If you have checked in within the allotted time, and are available for boarding at the gate, you should be offered boarding on the flight. At times, airlines may overbook their flights and you may voluntarily or involuntarily be asked not to board. In this case, you should have been compensated by the airline and re-accommodated on the next available flight.

You have not fully complied with the airline's ticketing, check-in and reconfirmation requirements, or you are not acceptable for transportation under the airline's usual rules and practices.

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