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Do you have bereavement fares?

Bereavement or compassion fares are not available through We do offer special deals on airfare that may save you more money than bereavement fares offered by airlines.

Contact the airline directly to ask about discounted bereavement fares, but be sure to compare the fares to rates. Due to your immediate need for travel, direct fares may still be very expensive through the airline. We have an excellent travel team who will work hard to find you the lowest fare available; please call Customer Service to arrange.

If you do decide to call an airline directly to request a bereavement or compassion fare, they may require some information in order to book. This may include:

  • Name of deceased or critically ill patient.
  • Relationship to passenger
  • Name and phone number of funeral home, hospital, or hospice.
  • Name of doctor (if applicable).
  • Copy of death certificate (if applicable).