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What happens if I miss my flight?

The 'minimum connecting time', determined by airlines and airports, is the considered sufficient time for a passenger to make a connection when changing planes from an arriving to a departing flight. These times vary based on the airport size and number of terminals, the number of airlines involved in the itinerary and if travel is domestic or international (for example, if Customs clearance is required). The minimum connecting time is automatically considered by helloworld online when booking your itinerary. Flights without adequate connection time cannot be booked.

If you want to voluntarily re-arrange your connecting flight and switch it to a later time, there is a helloworld online change fee plus airline fare rules may also require a change fee and additional fare collection based on availability. Since changing your airline reservation requires you to pass personal and secure information, we're unable to take change requests via email, you must call Customer Service.

Each ticket, even for flights on multiple airlines, has a validating airline responsible for fulfilling the contract of carriage. If a passenger involuntarily misses a connection, it's usually the validating airline which will make any necessary changes. Also, airlines do not generally assume responsibility for missed connections if the travel is booked separately in different reservation itineraries. If you experience a missed connection due to irregular operations when you travel, go to the validating airline's counter for assistance (sometimes you will still have to call helloworld Customer Service for assistance - however the airline should guide you in this instance).

Generally, if customers do not call or cancel the flight prior to the departure date, the airline cancellation policy considers such passengers a ""no show"" and the ticket has no value for future use. Usually, if the ticket is non-refundable/non-changeable, you will need to book a new itinerary at the applicable fare if you would like to travel. Please note you are able to review the airline rules via links displayed in your confirmation email and My Bookings. If, after reviewing the airline fare rules, you still have questions, please call Customer Service for specific information.