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My flight has had a schedule change, what do I do?

Occasionally airlines must alter their flight schedules to accommodate changes in equipment, routing, capacity, inclement weather, mechanical or crew issues. Sometimes the adjustments required may result in a change to the departure time, departure city, arrival time, arrival city, date of travel, aircraft and or flight number. We realise this can be disappointing - especially if the replacement flight is a less expensive fare than available at the time you booked. However, the airlines do not allow refunds for an assumable or indeterminable difference based on what may have have been available at the time of booking the original reservation. will notify you by email or phone if your reservation is impacted by a planned airline schedule change. However, sometimes we do not receive advance notice from the airline of all types of changes and encourage you to check your flight status 24 hours before each portion of travel via the airline website. Accommodations as a result of a schedule change are at the discretion of the airline and vary based on the rules associated with the fare of your ticket purchased, current schedules and available seats.

While airlines cannot guarantee a schedule change will never occur, there are times when the airlines make exceptions to the fare rules. Sometimes, the airline may allow a subsequent cancellation and refund if the change results in a severe departure time change - or if associated with a mass disruption due to weather, equipment or political unrest. In these cases, a new itinerary would then need to be booked on any carrier based on what schedules and fares are available today if you would still like to travel. Please note any available options are at the discretion of the airline.

If you have any further questions specific to your itinerary's schedule change we ask that you call our Customer Service team so they may consult with the airlines and see what options may be available to you. Due to the detailed nature of schedules and availability, this must be handled over the phone:

  • Customer support: 1300 722 501 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm)

Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions for further information:

  • If a Third Party Travel Provider changes any part of your booking for reasons beyond its control, for example, if a Third Party Travel Provider changes its schedules, overbooks, or if there are any changes in applicable surcharges, fees or taxes, we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you. If any such changes result in your Travel Product costing more or otherwise being materially different, then you may cancel the Travel Product and we will refund any monies already paid less any fees charged by us under these terms and conditions and by the Third Party Travel Providers under the terms and conditions you agreed with them.
  • Please note that it is the passengers' responsibility to re-confirm all flight departure times with the relevant airline/s prior to departure. Whilst we will endeavour to send e-mail notification of any changes to the original itinerary, we will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of passengers missing any flight due to not having re-checked the itinerary prior to departure.